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We hope you enjoy your visit to Thorne Bay, Alaska.

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City of Thorne Bay
PO Box 19110 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-3380 Fax: 907-828-3374
Email: cityclerk@thornebay-ak.gov  
Web: http://www.thornebay-ak.gov
Thorne Bay incorporated as a second-class city in 1982.

The City of Thorne Bay provides law enforcement, ambulance, volunteer fire department and EMS squad, boat moorage, emergency medical, water, sewer, road maintenance, garbage collection and RV Park services.

Facilities include a City Hall, fire station, library, water treatment plant, sewer treatment plant, medical clinic, garbage bailer and landfill, a drive down boat grid, boat launch ramp, RV sewage dump station, RV Park, city float, recreational park, and 30 miles of paved road. Information on availability and rates can be obtained by contacting the city.

Thorne Bay Public Library
 Library Director: Lana Clark
PO Box 19110
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-3303
Email: Library@thornebay-ak.gov
The City of Thorne Bays first Library located next to city hall. Books, Computers, Internet Access and Information available.

Southeast Island School District
Superintendent of schools Lauren Burch
PO Box 19569 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-8254 Fax: 907-828-8257
Email: sisd@sisd.org Web: www.sisd.org
School District Offices for the Islands in southern Southeast Alaska at Thorne Bay
The Southeast Island School District is located in Thorne Bay. The district office is located on a modern barge facility anchored in Thorne Bay. The district administers rural schools from Port Alexander to Hyder and serves a large student body of correspondence students in Southeast Alaska.

The Thorne Bay School is part of the Southeast Island School District.
It is a K-12 institution with an average school enrollment of 95 students.

Church Services
Three churches hold regular services in Thorne Bay:

Thorne Bay

Sun.  Sunday School 9:45 am
     Worship 11 am
Midweek Prayer Meeting Wednesday night at 7pm

Baptist Church
Phil Clark, Interm Pastor
PO Box 19509 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-8237

Location: On Sandy Beach Road across from the Thorne Bay School.

St. John Catholic Church

Saturday’s 10am
  Mass 2:30 pm

Father Jean Paulin Lockulu, Pastor
PO Box 245 - Klawock, Alaska 99925
Phone: 907-755-2345  Fax: 907-755-2350

Location: Shoreline Dr., Thorne Bay.

The Church of
Thorne Bay
(Christian and Missionary Alliance Church)

Sun. Sunday School 9:45 am
Morning Service 11 am
Evening Service 6:30 pm

Eric Rawding, Pastor
PO Box 19490 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-3915

Location: Shoreline Dr., Thorne Bay.

Thorne Bay Business Association
The Thorne Bay Business Association was founded in 1998 to foster a better business climate in Thorne Bay and harness the civic potential of the business community.

The association hosts an annual Christmas lighting contest and prints a Thorne Bay Community map to help visitors familiarize themselves with the community. The map is stocked at member businesses, the US. Forest Service and at the city hall. Current projects include the construction of a welcome to Thorne Bay sign, maintenance of the Community Web Site and preparation of the new Community Map and brochure.

More information about the Business Association may be obtained by writing us at PO Box 19492, Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919, e-mailing us at
tbba@thornebayalaska.net, or visiting the Community Web Site at www.thornebayalaska.net

Thorne Bay Clinic
(Located in Thorne Bay City Hall)
120 Freeman Drive
Phone:  907-828-8848 FAX: 907-828-3409
Hours Vary call for an appointment
Operated by SEARHC (Southeast Regional Health Consortium)
Alicia Roberts Phone, Klawock: 907-755-4800

The Thorne Bay Emergency Medical Squad (EMS)
can be reached by dialing 911 in case of an emergency. If you are trying to call 911 from a cell phone in Thorne Bay, call: 901-946-8308. Patients can be evacuated to Klawock, Ketchikan or Sitka depending upon treatment needs.

Thorne Bay is intensely proud of the caliber of medical personnel and level of service provided to our community.

Thorne Bay Ranger District
Rochelle Huddleston Lorton, District Ranger
PO Box 19001 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-3304 Fax: 907-828-3309
US Forest Service Office for the Thorne Bay Ranger District.
Tongass National Forest is located at 1312 Federal Way, Sandy Beach Road. The friendly staff can help you with questions about remote destinations, recreation facilities, remote cabins, subsistence, job opportunities and technical assistance on resource management activities.

“You may shop and reserve remote cabins over the internet using a major credit card at
www.reserveusa.com 24 - hours a day.”

US Post Office, Contracted
Located at THE PORT
PO Box 19610 - Thorne Bay. Alaska 99919
Phone: 907-828-3995

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Thorne Bay Business Association - PO Box 19492 - Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919

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